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Dissociative Identity Disorders - Sites, forums, blogs that provide reliable information, experiences, and/or support for abuse survivors who struggle wit

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Dissociative Identity Disorders

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Sites, forums, blogs that provide reliable information, experiences, and/or support for abuse survivors who struggle with symptoms of dissociative idendtity disorder. 


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Felicity's Profile - My Story as a Multiple
My profile tells a little about me as the of Dissociative Identity Disorder Support Group. Within this profile, is an abundance of information about Dissociative and common accompanying disorders, as well as a blog, a place where everyone can participate in discussion about coping with daily life associated with folks diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder.
V & J's Stuggle with Dissociative Identity Disorder
"Hoping for Help's" story of 2 girls, (J & V) - both 21 years old, sharing the body of about 300 other members of their system. They both struggle common symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder resulting from early child abuse, including, eating and mood disorders, PTSD, anxiety, and isolation. They are responsible for carrying out many of the everyday responsibilities. This profile tells a bit of their story.
Dissociative Identity Disorder Support Group DID Table
Welcome to Ivory Garden Home Website
Understanding Multiple Personality
An information site on multiple personality including information on trauma, dissociation, memory, types of personalities and the healing process, plus a glossary and web site links, books and articles.
Dissociative Identity Disorder - an overview
Dissociative Identity Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder, support, forums, chat, information, videos, ptsd, therapy, private, quizzes, grounding skills, false memory information, multiple personality information, mind control, sra information. Articles of Interest.

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Dissociative Identity Disorders

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