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Diss This! - Untitled document Find in this ring political and other satire/parody.  Our members can be caught in the act of&nbs

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Diss This!

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Find in this ring political and other satire/parody.  Our members can be caught in the act of resorting to all forms of satire, humor, parody, irony, and creativity in all a phases of life, society, politics, and media.  (Think that about covers it?)  This ring is an equal opportunity offender!  Pictured: a cartoon from 1900-1904 depicting "The Situation in the Far East," with bear represents Russia intruding from the north, the tiger representing the United Kingdom in south China, the Gallic frog representing France in southeast Asia, and the American eagle representing the United States approaching from the Philippines.


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genessa -- earl!
Earl was big and dumb. When his "sugar" got him interested in the Good Book, he thumped... a little too hard.
genessa -- SMOKE
Another excerpt from From the Ridiculous to the Supremes, a little tobacco tale by Lady G. Cough, cough....
Help! Help! I'm being repressed
"Help! Help! I'm being repressed" is a website with both political and funny content. There are several message boards where you can discuss political issues, and less serious matters. This website is very young, but is growing at a fast rate, with updates every few days. Most of the content is original, and submissions are allways welcome!
Essential Facts for World Liberty
Find out what people mean when they say "Follow the Money". This site explains in simple terms about who really is responsible for all of the big problems we have on Earth, and how we can change it in our lifetimes. Includes a large selection of links to detailed information useful in this context.
Maidenform Atomica
Women Popular Culture Rants Political Satire Television

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Diss This!

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Diss This!
Diss This!
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