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Discover Ireland Genealogy WebRing

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Discover Ireland Genealogy WebRing will be a gathering point for all of us who search for ancestors, family history, or genealogy in Ireland.

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The Palmer Family - from Ireland to London
This site sets out a history of the Palmer Family. My ancestors come from Derry, Belfast, Dublin, Donegal, Wexford, Wicklow and Carlow in Ireland, Cornwall and Deptford in England, and Edinburgh in Scotland. The site contains profiles of my ancestors, together with photographs and other information about them.
Fay Family History in Ireland by John O'Hart
The Fay Family History since 1000AD in Aquitaine, England, Normandy, and primarily Ireland as told by John O'Hart in "Irish Pedigrees or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation"
Kevin O'Malley's Website
A website about my family, it's history and irish geneology. Lots of photos as well as art and other interests.
SHIELDS Family History
A website about my SHIELDS family and its known history, while searching for our Irish heritage and SHIELDS family connections. Family photos are also included.
Debbie's Genealogy Page!
This page was created to share my family tree information, and to try and gain more information on my family. I am especially in need of information on the NEESOM, GUNNING, STENHOUSE, DAVIES, & MATHER surnames. I also have some links to other great websites that offer many hints, ideas on research, creating your own family tree and lots more!

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Discover Ireland Genealogy WebRing

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