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Started in September 1999, this is meant to help site owners........



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Arch. Eric Gozar's Personal Page
Eric Gozar, architect based in HK and Manila doing interesting architectural projects in the Asia Pacific region.
Shopping Sites
This is a shopping site for the filipinos who want to buy gifts.
SOUNDING BOARD is a space dedicated to the discussion of what's going on in the world, in a succint and witty manner... often with an attitude. All are welcome. You are not expected to bring anything except your common sense and sense of humor.
Great Information
Blogs about varied information, random thoughts, crazy ideas, jokes, power captions, arts, creative ideas, business, sports, science, health, beauty, kids, animals, and funny photos.
REK the Computer Giftware
Computer-related gifts. Vintage computer cartoon character. Naughty or nice. “REK the Computer.” Snappy sayings like "Hardware, software, underwear - they all get you in the end.” "At last, everything's up and running.” “Sending Hugs to Katrina Hurricane Survivors.” For your geek, nerd, techie, or computer-user friends. Funny, cute. Caps, golf shirts, barbecue aprons.

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