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Critical Realism/metaReality WebRing & Forum - In Ram Roy Bhaskar's cosmic envelope (meta-Reality),

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Critical Realism/metaReality WebRing & Forum

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Manager: mfoster
In Ram Roy Bhaskar's cosmic envelope (meta-Reality),


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Unities of All Things
Unities of All Things™, from Mark A. Foster Services™, is a free clinical sociology practice. It relates my emancipatory Structurization Theory™ to life.
The Institute for Dialectical metaRealism
This website explores the critical realist I am developing.
The MarkFoster.NETwork Publications Portal
This site is a portal to a huge sociology project based upon Ram Roy Bhaskar's meta-Reality and Critical Realism.
United Against Neurelitism: Emancipated Autism Project
This site is a practical application of critical realism and metaReality to Autistic emancipation.
Multilingual Glossary
Defines words in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu, Hindi, Greek, Sanskrit, and many other languages.

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Critical Realism/metaReality WebRing & Forum

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Critical Realism and meta-Reality were developed by British philosopher, Ram Roy Bhaskar. In Critical Realism, there are three "domains": the Real (underlying structures), the Actual (observable events), and the Empirical (observation). meta-Reality is a practice of emancipation or self-realization through the "cosmic envelope" (non-duality).

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