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Classic Humor Ring - Basically, this ring is for funny sites!  Good funny sites!    

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Classic Humor Ring

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Manager: hakkodapowder
Basically, this ring is for funny sites!  Good funny sites!




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My animated pages
Mark Twain Quotes
An American icon, in his own words. He speaks about education, agreements, attributes,bible,cats ,christian,clothes,convictions, congress,dog,man,drink,education,expert,facts,fame, future,history,know,land,laughter,letter,life,living,mind,
Opundo is a philology flea market or word garage for Arjay Enterprises, the place we display stuff people don't admit to liking, secretly wish they'd thought of, but wouldn't pay real money for. I understand. I feel the same way.
Three Stooges Parade And Gallery
3 Stooges Parade And Gallery is a Tribute To This Graeat Comesy Team.We have a photo gallery and links To quality Stooge Web Pages.We are family and webtv friendly!
Library Life: a column of eclectic rantings
An eclectic collection of columns by Katie Kintner, library serf for over twenty years and somewhat jaded observer of the human condition. She's also nuts.

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