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Choctaw and Cherokee Proud - Choctaw and Cherokee Proud is a webring for sites with Choctaw, Cherokee, Chickasaw or Creek sites information, genealog

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Choctaw and Cherokee Proud

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Manager: cubecan
Choctaw and Cherokee Proud is a webring for sites with Choctaw, Cherokee, Chickasaw or Creek sites information, genealogy, or connections to the tribes, with emphasis on promoting pride in our heritage and to educate the internet community on the history of these people. If your heritage is largely oral, and you cannot prove it, you are still welcome to join this ring, as long as you have some content on one of the tribes.

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Jessica's Affordable Genealogy Research Service
I can perform genealogy research, census look-ups, etc for a VERY reasonable price. Only $10 per hour with first 15 minutes FREE!!!
Jessica's Genealogy Service
I will perform family history research for a VERY small fee.
Spirit Vision Crafts
Our multi-tribal family run website provides free links and information related to the Native American people and covers several tribes. This information is here for all who are truly seeking to learn. We are a multi-tribal family so we provide links and information covering several tribes. Though the majority of our site pertains to information, we do have a section that pertains to our business also.
Serena's Family Tree
A genealogy site dedicated to my roots. Site includes Native American resources, links, history, culture & more. Also apply for Native Awards as well as Wolf & Tiger Awards.

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Choctaw and Cherokee Proud

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