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Catholic Fidelity WebRing - A webring of sites loyal to the Vatican. Websites must contain information in line with the thinking

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Catholic Fidelity WebRing

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Manager: cityofgod
A webring of sites loyal to the Vatican. Websites must contain information in line with the thinking of the Catholic Church. If you have a Catholic site that promotes a product or service, as long as it is related to classic Catholic devotions and traditions, they are much welcome.


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Gabriella's Blog
Jottings of a Traditional Catholic wife and mother of four
Contemplative 'Centering' Prayer 4 hour conference
Trappist monk, Father William Meninger gives a four hour conference on prayer in general and contemplative prayer (Centering Prayer- prayer that centers one on God) in particular. Includes teaching from "The Cloud of Unknowing," a 14th Century book on contemplation written for lay people. Conference is available on DVD, VHS video, Audio CD, MP3, and Internet download.
Catholic Novenas
This website lists many Catholic Novenas; more will be added continually. It also has a forum, where people can chat about Novenas, and other issues of faith.
Support for Family Members of Fallen Away Catholics
This web site is to support active, practicing Catholics who are dealing with the pain of fallen away Catholics in their lives. We offer support, hope, & prayers for one another and our loved ones. If you experience suffering or sorrow as a result of a fallen away Catholic in your life, then this site is for YOU! Only prayers and hopefully many blessings await!
Working Papers or Veniam Pro Laudo Peto
Personal weblog for a single Catholic dad in Minnesota. Devoted to Catholic Church and JPII. Favorite Saints, Daily Mass readings, pro life politics, family photos, personal discussion, faithful to Magesterium.

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Catholic Fidelity WebRing

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