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Boxers - Dedicated to the playful Boxer from breeders to owners to those who just love the Peter Pan of dog breeds.

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Dedicated to the playful Boxer from breeders to owners to those who just love the Peter Pan of dog breeds.

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Picture Perfect Boxers, Boxers, Leadwood, MO
Nobility Personality Elegance Power. We do our best to show and produce exceptional quality Champion American and European bloodline Boxers that exceed in the conformation ring that have great temperaments and sound health.
King Kody Bear
Canine kids is a site that shows the love we have for our dogs. King Kody is a Boxer. You can see all his pics from 6 weeks of age up.
Written by a Boxer judge, explaining the individual points from the Boxer standard. It contains many photographs of great dogs from around the world and describes what to look for in a well bred Boxer. It is invaluable to judges, breeders and prospective owners of this wonderful breed.
Newcastle Boxers: Mind, Body, Spirit - Naturally
Newcastle strives to produce quality dogs that possess good health, longevity & proper, stable temperaments. We take a holistic approach & endeavor to provide our dogs with every chance to achieve optimal health. This includes a raw diet, minimal toxins, clean water, fresh air, sunshine, & kindness. We believe that these influence our dogs' state of health fully as much
Critters Corner Home Page
This site is devoted to the critters that enrich our lives everyday. Our two Boxers, a Pomeranian and the 3 kitties that tolerate us, share their stories for all who enter. Bi-weekly updates and some Arts-n-Crafts are also part of the mix. Won't you come and see the this beautiful bouncing Boxer Duo and their antics depicted in the "Pictures of the Week" page?

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