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Birdwatching WebRing - This webring is for websites about birding and birdwatching; wild birds; ornithology; resources and references for birde

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Birdwatching WebRing

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This webring is for websites about birding and birdwatching; wild birds; ornithology; resources and references for birders; localities and hotspots for birding, bird observatories and sanctuaries; and related topics.strong>




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Books about Birds and Birdwatching
Site gives an extensive list of books about Birds, Birdwatching, Ornithology & Ornithologists, and some Domestic and Pet Birds, that are currently available.
Birds in My Yard in Tucson
Site gives a list of birds seen in and around a yard in Tucson, Arizona.
Top Birdwatching Sites
The "Top Birdwatching Sites" is a list of websites featuring any aspect of birding and birdwatching, birders, ornithology, resources and references for birding, birdwatching localities and hotspots, bird observatories and sanctuaries, and related topics about wild birds (no sites about pet or domestic birds or poultry please). The order of the sites in the list is determined by the number of votes and the number of hits each site receives by visitors to the sites. The more votes the site receives, the higher in the list. This is a great place to showcase your birdwatching and wild birds websites. If you have a webpage wholly or partially about birdwatching and wild birds, join today. If you have more than one, you may add all of them.
Debbie's Backyard Birding
A bird site with information on common species, poems, information on attracting birds and more!
Muddy Sneakers
An online birding and wildlife journal that chronicles my personal interest in local and regional species. Photographs and information relating to North Carolina and the South Eastern US.

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