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Birdie Ring of Chirps and Tweets - The Birdie Ring of Chirps and Tweets is a ring especially for sites dedicated to pet birds of any type! Please be aware

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Birdie Ring of Chirps and Tweets

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The Birdie Ring of Chirps and Tweets is a ring especially for sites dedicated to pet birds of any type! Please be aware that in the interests of quality and uniqueness a set of rules relating to the membership requirements apply to this ring.


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Unique Canaries
All about Canaries and More!
Loui and Lizzy's Castle
The site about my parakeets, Loui and Lizzy, with many pics, info on them, parakeet care and more!!
Redbird Aviary
Pictures of our Macaws - 3 Scarlets and a Catalina. This site will grow in time
TielMix Breeders
Hobbiest Cockatiel Breeder located in Greenville, Michigan (near Grand Rapids)
Hybridization of lovebirds, Budgies and Finches
This page is dedicated to the accumulation and dissemination of information that will enrich the knowledge base of peachfaced lovebird and budgerigar owners, hybridizers and selective or exhibition breeders, by providing a greater practical and theoretical familiarity with large scale colony and cage breeding activities and mechanics.

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Birdie Ring of Chirps and Tweets

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· Community Created 12/13/1997
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The submitted page must be a Home Page/Main Page with links clearly marked as such throughout the site leading back to this page. Webring and Link Pages are not accepted. Members are restricted to using only 1 x unique SSNB navigation stack throughout their entire website. Dual membership with Ringsurf, Bravenet or Ringlink rings is not permitted. Managers of similar rings are not eligible for membership of this ring. Maximum total number of memberships for this ring is 75. The domain for this webring is

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