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Baldur's Gate WebRing - A ring for fan's of the computer role playing game Baldur's Gate and the expansion Tales of the Sword Coast, as well as

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Baldur's Gate WebRing

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Manager: nerv
A ring for fan's of the computer role playing game Baldur's Gate and the expansion "Tales of the Sword Coast", as well as sites about Baldur's Gate II Shadows of Amn and the expansion "Throne of Bhaal"

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Warpath's BG2 Website
A new site for BG2 only. Will provide in-depth help as well as my personal game experience.
Baldur's Gate Arena
Welcome come have a stool and see spirited competition between other characters, stories, here about my party or download a character, or perhaps you wish to make a challenge
Baldur's Gate Fun
Un site consacré au plaisir de jouer à Baldur's Gate.
Omaggio a Baldur's Gate
contiene la trama completa di Bg e TOSC, caratteristiche dei PNG, ritratti personalizzati, news, quest e la galleria di eroi italiani e relativi gruppi a cui tutti possono aderire.
Games - Baldur's Gate - Interplay
Bookmark this low-bandwidth page as your gateway to the essential Baldur's Gate sites. Online ordering available.

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