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BEL ART ON LINE - Visit BEL ART PROJECT SITE  . A WebRing for all the Artists , their stunningly beautiful Web Sites, and the magnifi

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Visit BEL ART PROJECT SITE  . A WebRing for all the Artists , their stunningly beautiful Web Sites, and the magnificent Art that is displayed or heard within!

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FIND Military History Art & Paintings -
MILITARY ART ORIGINALS. Oil Paintings; Crockett at the Alamo, American Wild West, waterloo, Ancient warriors, US WWII battleships, British Royal Navy Admiral Nelson,, aircraft carriers, pilots & airplanes, Napoleonic soldiers, military battles and historic wars. Commission oil paintings & pen or pencil drawings by artist Mark Churms. Great History pictures, no job too small. Click for details!
Calligraphy By Correspondence
Ideal for artists, scrapbookers, and other craftspeople - learn calligraphy at home, at your own pace. A profitable, low-overhead home-based business! Receive personal instruction (through e-mail and online tutorials, etc.) from the author of "Calligraphy For Dummies." If you can write, you can do calligraphy!
A.A. Beijk
Site of the Dutch conceptualvisual artist Arnold Adrian Beijk
Paintings by MP Schulz
A self-taught artist combines realistic and impressionistic techniques to create a feeling in her paintings.
Black and White Photography
black & white photography information simplified. How to setup a darkroom, take good pictures, how to develop film, and lots more.

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