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Authors - The Author Webring is a webring for authors and contains websites by or about authors. Such authors can have work publis

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The Author Webring is a webring for authors and contains websites by or about authors. Such authors can have work published in any format, e.g. articles in magazines, entire books, or columns on the web. Work can range from newspaper reports to books, either fiction and non-fiction. Genres can include novels, politics, news, personal development, mystery, romance, suspense, mainstream, advice, etc.

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Theories of Thought
A site that offers a place for new writers,artists and musicians to display their creative talents to the world.
Arjay Enterprises Writing Page
Presenting the Christian Science Fiction of Rick Sutcliffe. This is soft science fiction, alternate worlds and histories, of possible interest to C.S. Lewis SF fans.
Non-Fiction and Christian Science Fiction by Rick Sutcl
Promoting the non-fiction and Christian Science Fiction of Rick Sutcliffe.
Brian R Hill - Adventure Fantasy Author
The site featuring the Fantasy/Adventure Novels of Brian R Hill - Shadows from a Time Long Past ISBN:1453737049 ISBN-13: 9781453737040 (Released - Feb 2011) & The Shintae ISBN: 1-4137-8324-4
Chaconne - The Novel by Joseph C. Mastroianni
Jill Hackett EDM, Ph.D. Boston Globe Correspondent, author "I Gotta Crow" written especially for women. “Witness the lives of two deeply intentional men unfold--through friendships, family, passions, tragedies--and music. What each man allows life to write upon his soul, and the music of his life, becomes a powerful duet across time. A privilege to read.”

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