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Anything Black - This is one of the oldest WebRings serving the black community. Since our beginning, we have been on the forefront in pr

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Anything Black

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Manager: crazedwriter

This is one of the oldest WebRings serving the black community. Since our beginning, we have been on the forefront in promoting websites that feature every aspect of African and African American life.

Such topics include websites of a historical, cultural, artistic, and recreational (you name it!) nature that serve to educate and entertain you.

Also, this ring promotes websites that feature poetry, music, black history, African-American art, and nonprofit charities; the list is endless.

This ring welcomes children, too!



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Jesse Jackson Quotes
Jesse Jackson in his own words, Jesse talks about Capital Punishment, America, Brains, King, Children,Constituency, deeds, dreams, giving, greatness,hope, leadership, Opportunity, looking down at people,
African Music Forum
African music video clips, internet radio, jukeboxes, and discussion forums.
Afro Articles
Submit your articles for massive web exposure. Webmasters, site owners, get free content.
Bible Passages in African Languages
Starting with Swahili (Kiswahili), this section of our website is for the Word of God in native African languages. As time allows, I will add more web-pages with the Bible in various African languages.
CrazedWriter's Fanfiction Repository
A growing collection of all my fanfiction, to date. Disney's Hunchback (love that Frollo) and Dinosaur; expanding to include Star Wars, Land Before Time, OZ, Harry Potter, Titanic, and Gunsmoke. Lots of crossover in the works. Very much outside the box. Think, if Danielle Steel and Terry McMillan wrote fan fiction, it'd be just like this.

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Anything Black

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