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Amazing Women and Their Journey - A webring for Amazing Women, their families, children, grandchildren, pets , special causes, journies of life and love.

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Amazing Women and Their Journey

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Manager: catalen
A webring for Amazing Women, their families, children, grandchildren, pets , special causes, journies of life and love. Men are also cordially invited to join if they share these visions. You do not have to do anything to be a part of this webring. This just shows the internet you are an Amazing Person with a journey and ispiration to share. Family safe websites.

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Anxiety Attacks
What I've learned & experienced throughout my nearly twenty-year battle with anxiety. How they began, my story, feelings, what's helped, what hasn't. Also, sound, heartfealt advice from Dr. Jeanette- licensed Psychologist helping people overcome anxiety without drugs. The benefits of Yoga on the mind and body.
Lost In Fog:: Surviving Infidelity
My personal accounts of my journey through hell and high water. I hope that I come out unscathed!!! You never know what you will do until you are faced with the situation.
Funerals and Nursing Homes
A retired chaplain shares some of the ways she used funerals and memorial services to deal with the special problems faced by families whose loved ones spent years in decline before death. There are many losses along the way.
Mama's Story
This is my mothers life story. My whole website is a christian family site with pages about my grandkids, miscarrages, church and a whole lot more
Another Victim Of A Drunk Driver (Awards and Webrings)
My story about being hit head-on and ejected into a highway by a 17 year old drunk driver.

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Amazing Women and Their Journey

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Amazing Women and Their Journey
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