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Aiwaz Thelema - The kings of the earth shall be Kings for ever: the slaves shall serve. There is none that shall be cast down or lifted

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Aiwaz Thelema

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Manager: asiya
The kings of the earth shall be Kings for ever: the slaves shall serve. There is none that shall be cast down or lifted up: all is ever as it was. Yet there are masked ones my servants: it may be that yonder beggar is a King. A King may choose his garment as he will: there is no certain test: but a beggar cannot hide his poverty. Beware therefore! Love all, lest perchance is a King concealed! Say you so? Fool! If he be a King, thou canst not hurt him. Therefore strike hard & low, and to hell with them, master!

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Traditional Arcane Teachings
Judeo Christian Mysticism. Tables of correspondences for Magick, Qabalah, Alchemy, Elements, Divination, Gemstones. Qabalistic Tree attributions include Planets, Zodiac, Tarot Trumps, Archangels, Archdaemons, Angels of the Firmament, Angels of the Qlipoth, all mundane orders of existence, actual and mythological. Extends the work of Cornelius Agrippa, Aleister Crowley, Israel Regardie.
Nu Isis Working Group, Leeds
The official site of the unofficial OTO (Caliphate) group in Leeds, England. Classic Crowley and OTO texts plus original writings and art.
Rosasophia's Magickal Lair
Site dedicated to Thelemic magick and philosophy. Original essays, art, and poetry.
Magick Wheel of Space Time
Site discusses a brief history of magick, Golden Dawn, Crowley, Thelema, New Ritual, gay spirit and sex magick. Lots of links to other similar sites on web page!
Outskirts Press - Enochian Initiation
This is the site of Frater W.I.T.'s book, "Enochian Initiation." Five years of evocatory visions on par with Aleister Crowley's visions of the Thirty Aethyrs are chronicled, along with appendices detailing magical rituals and formulae used as well as extensive endnotes. The vast universe of the angels of the Watchtowers is revealed in awesome detail by these transcendent visions.

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Aiwaz Thelema

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Aiwaz Thelema
Aiwaz Thelema
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