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Abra Kadabra's Webring - The ring dedicated to bringing you the best Pokemon sites! Join today!

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Abra Kadabra's Webring

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Manager: inferno_gn
The ring dedicated to bringing you the best Pokemon sites! Join today!

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Poke' Cheats
My Board has Many cheats from all the red,blue,gold,silver,ruby,saphire GBA games. I also have a section for trading your pokemon cards & Video Games. JOIN TODAY!
Fushia City Gym
a place to play pokemon. It is related to a Yahoo! club
Victreebel's Jungle - All Things Pokémon!
Pictures, cheats, walkthroughs, rumors, and other cool Pokémon stuff!
Bulbasaur's Greenhouse
Come to Bulbasaur's Greenhouse. Submit anything Pokémon-related if you want to. Check out the forum, the art, the fanfics, etc.
Pika Poke Club
A great info site and club so come and play, join

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