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A ring for Bernese owners, Bernese fans & "soon to be owners" of Bernese Mountain Dogs. Homepages done by Bernese and they’re humans detailing the joys of owning and being owned by the Bernese Mountain Dog. We have whole pages of Rescue, Show, Working, non-banner merchandise & personal pages related to Pet Bernese & web sites that strive to bring outstanding information & health issues of this Breed. Feel free to look around & now is a good time to create your own Bernese page for submission to this OPEN ring. One of the purposes of this ring is to gather as many Bernese sites as possible in order to give the complete picture of the Bernese Mountain Dogs Breed - both pro and con, so that people can better understand one of the canine world's most beautiful citizens! The Bernese Mountain Dog has a devoted succession, and this is a construction of their loving admirers. Please enjoy navigating this Bernese Ring Hub. Please refrain from using the words PUP in any form in your site description in this ring.
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1 2 9 0 8 1 - Bernese Mountain Dog Top 100 Site Listing
2 0 7 0 6 40 - Bernese MD kennel SPIRIT DREAM from Ukraina,Kiev
3 0 6 0 6 11 - Kennel From Orsina's Land
4 0 4 0 4 17 - Bernese Mountain Dogs: information and many pictures
5 0 4 0 4 19 - Liz+Bradbury%27s+Animal+Ark

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