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The Anti-MLM and Anti-Amway WebringListed in: Business & Finance > Marketing and Advertising
This collection of sites outlines the deceptions, and sometimes outright lies, of the MLM business. Many sites focus on the grand-daddy of all MLM's: Amway (now called Quixtar). Multi-level marketing uses a fundamentally flawed business model. NO MLM company EVER helps anyone other than the founders and their immediate friends. While they make money, 99% of the participants get taken to the cleaners. You cannot make money in MLM unless you cheat your downline, who will lose their shirts. This goes for all the companies, including the "reputable" ones. There is also reason to believe that this model has so badly infected other markets and government that it is a big factor in the collapse of our economy. Come and share your knowledge, and learn.
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1 8 28 1 6 1 - Amway: The Continuing Story
2 2 39 1 11 13 - How to Spot an Amway Distributor
3 0 37 0 11 4 - A site, in Greek, that reveals the truth behind MLM
4 0 30 0 7 18 - Dreamsteal's Australian Amway Loser Page

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