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03/21/2014 01:24:45 PST
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Realize you hero dream in I am Hero! 03/21/2014 01:35:05
     is a special game full of western magic features. Sealed surprise and challenges fill every corner in the wonderful land. Once you come in, the rich gameplays could refresh you immediately! Pandaman, Death Knight and Dragon Knight, have you ever dreamed to give them orders? Now in “I am Hero”, all these popular and legendary figures are waiting for your command!
Brand new dynamic skeleton system enables you to be in the battle scene personally!
The battles are more vivid and attractive because of the innovative dynamic skeleton system, which offers players extraordinary strong feelings of strike. Real battle scenes are presented in front of your expectant eyes!
Strategic hero formations challenge your talent!
Over hundreds different heroes with different attributes and growing path will fight with you side by side! Tank, controller, healer, main attack, come on to fight as a harmonious and united team!
Various development paths create more powerful heroes!
The heroes could not only be upgraded but also be trained and evolved! After evolved, the hero form will be changed and all abilities will increase sharply! What’s more, low star heroes could be upgraded to high star heroes, which will thoroughly remold the heroes!

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