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Self Portrait Gallery

Who is SaraDevil? Who for that matter who is Sara Davila?

This online gallery was concived sometime in 1998 when I first began sketching. Any of the work here dated 1998 is a representation of that first dabbling in art for myself rather than dictated by someone else, i.e school, work, etc.

SaraDevil, or Sara Davila, is a hard working, female artist, who enjoys drawing, painting and sketching fine art female nudes more than anything else in the world. I am a self representing artist, and trying to make a serious go at it.

I've always been a creative person. I enjoyed writing poetry, and stories, and even won a few awards way back when. When I got to Shimer College I fed my soul mostly with the piano that I had twenty-four hour access too. This is a good thing, as there is a part of me that plays the piano that really shouldn't be witnessed by anyone else. It's a thing that takes over and becomes to raw and emotional, all consuming. I loose myself in chords and melodies and the vibration of the piano under my hands. There are occasions when I've played until my fingers bled, and only when I stopped and noticed the red splotches on the white keys would I realize what was happening. I still like to play that way, but without a private piano I've had to cut back.

I am also a flutist, and truly, have been playing that longer, but I learned improvisation on the piano. Freeing myself through music, and so I feel more attached to it then my flute.

I grew up in the backwaters of America, and moved to Chicago to go to school in a small private liberal arts college known as Shimer. Anyone who has an interest in what learning really is should consider Shimer. It was there I learned to draw, sitting in my apartment at night after classes. Shimer is so difficult that one rarely has time for anything but studying, and when students finally do get around to partying it is with just as much effort. I love Shimer, and my life without would be unthinkable.

From there, I've wound around and around, until finally after much debate I've decided to take a trip to South Korea to teach, since I enjoy teaching as a form of work more than anything else. Currently you will probably find me with a sketchbook, afterhours, at some mountain or remote spot, sketching people and trees. When I have a collection I'll post them in the gallery.

Other questions can be answered as follows:

I'm 26, I will always live in Chicago, you can contact me via the internet at saradevil@saradevil.net which I check regularly. I've been a member of webrings for about three years, and am, unfortunately, or otherwise, a memeber of more than 100. I love webrings, really. I also manage a few. I'm most proud of Flights of Imagination which of built from 10 members to 69 in the past month, and Women Painting Women Nude which had over 3000 hits in it's first month. saradevil@saradevil.net.

Thanks for reading.


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