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03/16/2012 04:32:10 PST
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About me: Here is our story: Founders of Headlight Restoration Pros in sunny San Diego, we have restored many headlights in this area. After many requests for information from auto detailers, auto repair shops, etc. asking us for information and assistance to restore headlights properly, we have decided to offer a turn key headlight restoration business to everyone. Headlight Restoration Pros was founded by Anthony Madafferi in 2007 and has quickly became one of the leading headlight restoration services in the country. Our main goal here at Headlight Restoration Pros is to make the public aware of the dangers of driving with dim, faded headlights. We introduced: HeadlightRestoration.net, and it is a website packed full of information about headlight restoration safety issues, products and services. As people keep their cars longer, oxidation of commonly used plastic headlight lenses is an increasing problem for drivers. Oxidation creates a haze that's not only unsightly but can also significantly reduce headlight illumination, creating a safety hazard. And because hazing occurs over time, drivers might not be aware or notice the creeping dangers of faded headlights. With safety being our main focus, we feel good helping people become aware of the dangers of driving with poor performing headlights. In general, we point out on our site the reasons why this problem can "sneak" up on most drivers, and our network of certified headlight restoration shops are standing by to help! We offer a worldwide shop directory with most of the shops located in the United States. We also offer a general shop certification that primarily guarantees that the shop is qualified to perform professional headlight restoration, and also that the shop offers a customer satisfaction guarantee. As the problem of dim, faded headlights continue to get worse, we feel good "fighting" this safety issue head on, and also helping drivers see the road better at night! We recommend you use the Headlight Restoration Pros Shop Locator to find a you certified shop in your area. HRP's growing list of certified professional restoration shops makes it easy for you to find a professional headlight restoration service. Together, we can all make the roads safer at night by uniting all the headlight restoration shops with the millions of people that need professional headlight restoration service...
My interests: Plastic headlight restoration is growing exponentially because auto manufacturers continue to make vehicles with plastic headlight lenses that, without proper care and maintenance, result in cloudy foggy headlights. After as little as two or three years on the road, they become so "cloudy" that they actually output less light than is needed to legally do their job. The problem affects virtually every make of car and truck, foreign or domestic. We are always perfecting the art of restoring cloudy headlights. Your input is wecomed and encouraged!
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. My latest blog post. You can view my complete blog here.

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