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09/20/2018 02:53:36 PST
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About me: Retired man living in Barcelona (Catalonia-Spain), with own research of my collection CULTURAL REVISION (1978). Today all of them are in synthesis in the WWW. For instance "The Ring of Moses Deschiphered". See it in http://webspace.webring.com/people/or/ramonetriu/moses-ring.html To divulgate a surprising image of an human face in NASA photosatellite of the Mt. Montserrat, please, I hope for international help. I talk about virtual altruism. I'm the only one to disseminate photo very enlarged, in which appears the mountain of Montserrat (Catalonia-NE. of Spain) with aspect of bearded man face. This pareidolia also has a signal in the center of your forehead. The public free of charge (It's included in my website:) http://webspace.webring.com/people/or/ramonetriu/montserrat.html It is a very surprising graphic phenomenon, because in reality the human face is formed by hundreds of different sizes penalties very eroded. They form a compact group that measures 10 km. long, by 5 km. wide (its total perimeter of 25 km.). It is a profile of face human to observe it invites to meditation. I tried to spread it with the greatest possible dignity by respect. Have I 70 years of age, and knowing that soon already not I can continue broadcasting for much longer this immaterial and enduring legacy discovered in our era, invite others to collaborate with me eagerly, so that with its initiative to achieve, each in its way, the Montserrat human face may be known around the world. Each person to see it should reflect positively, in the same way that happened to me, admiring the generous art of mother nature in its purest state.
My interests: Photo of suprising new Mt. Montserrat is a picture unrelated to religious devotion, that is concentrated around the great famous sanctuary dedicated to the image black venerated in the Church of Santa Maria de Montserrat, whose monks Benedictine, unrelated to new technologies, since personally decades ago I presented them this picture, they always ignored it. However his lack of interest (or perhaps contempt, because they have never told me anything, nor the members of the "Board of Trustees of the Natural Park" of the mountain), the origins of religious devotion to the Montserrat mountain back very much alive, animist beliefs in the mountainous sector from the deep prehistory. http://webspace.webring.com/people/or/ramonetriu/dolmen.html Honestly, I thank anticipated many will point selflessly to this peculiar and generous "crusade", albeit anonymously. Sincere greetings from RRRiu (Barcelona (N.E. Spain) travel,historical studies,sumerology research,internet,selve-films,photograaphy.
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