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07/11/2019 03:40:57 PST
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About me: I am a retired man from Barcelona city. I found several unpublished monument, and I wish to inform everybody including several residual designs of 3 star in Cydonia (Mars planet), and also my other discoveries of several human face profiles, someone enlarged from NASA photo satellite. http://webspace.webring.com/people/or/ramonetriu/research.html
My interests: research, science, mountain laandscape, egyptology, mars planet,
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I present an enlarged photo made by NASA's Landsat satellite of Mt. Montserrat's human face, by the conjunction of its most high peaks (10 x 5 km.). It look like a image with severe expression, as never seen before. A big sanctuary in photo appears in different colour like a "3th EYE" in this huge face. It's an image of man that far exceeds what has been called chance, or pareidolia.

By the beneficial impact of his discovery, I have been driven to speculate in philosophy, in order to proceed to your presentation with a minimum of dignity. See a syntesi:


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