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All Mojo-ed Up - Off the Wall Friday 10/04/2013 07:51:56

Anybody who knows me, knows I really am not good at night. I mean - really not good. I am and will always be an extreme early bird. That's why me being out of the house 12 hours of the day has not been good for my creative life. Luckily our fall rush is almost over at work and I should be getting back to just a 40 hr week with a few vacation days coming up. That said, that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking of my next challenge. This week my sample of Evolon Interfacing arrived from C&T Publishing. Tristan Gallagher of C&T asked us to show him our "best creative mojo ". Well, I don't know about you but now that I'm looking at 50, I can't even believe I just used the word Mojo in a complete sentence - more less - tied it to my creative self. Still, I did get his meaning. He sent a few pages of examples that included mix media art pieces to jewelry to a very cool netted tote bag. I mean, really, we can take this stuff and create whatever we want as long as we don't actually use it as it was meant to be - interfacing! Luckily I have a great idea which shouldn't be too hard to execute. But first I still needed to find out how this suede like microfiber material performed when I put it under the normal rigors of my studio. First I tested how it free motioned quilted using various threads. The metro was a very light look while the Sulky 12 wt free motioned nicely and ga...
Stumped! Off the Wall Friday 09/27/2013 07:42:31

Y a know, I'm beginning to think that my studio and I have this whole Love/Hate relationship going. I mean, some days ( like last Sunday ) I walk in with a head full of ideas and a steam engine full of purpose and my studio gets right into the spirit of things and helps me create . Then other days, it just stops me right in my tracks throwing up all sorts of obstacles that will derail me for the day. Today was one of those days. I started out with this great idea all planned in my head. I wanted to make a small quilt that depicted a pretty sunset on Lake Erie with a bit of beach - fence - an Adirondack chair . I wanted to show that its the quiet moments that are remembered the most about summers. Well that was the plan anyways. I mean how hard can it be? Well I guess, really hard . First, I wanted to research some images of sunsets, beaches, fences and Adirondack chairs. Do you know how many there online?? Like a Million! Then I had to audition I think a hundred fabrics for the sky, water and sand. Once I found an acceptable trio then they needed to be in acceptable proportions. Even now , I'm still not quite sure I like the combo or even know where to go next. So just like a tree cut off at the knees. . . . . I'm Stumped! I think this is another good reason to work in series. Once you start a series, you don't have to make every single ...
Sunday in the Studio - Design Wall Monday 09/23/2013 05:04:23

Crosses II 37" by 24" hand dyed cotton by the artist machine pieced, machine quilted So I managed to keep the promise I made to myself to be more productive on Sunday. Not only did I manage to get 4 - count them - 4 loads of laundry done (which means clean underwear for tomorrow - yay!) but I also spent hours and hours in the studio painting and quilting. Yep - you read that right - painting ! If you've been paying attention you know that I'm not this big lover of the surface design end of art quilting. I mean - yeah - I resent understand that I need to dye my own fabric and occasionally add some kind of design on it for my work - but I'm not this big fan. It all seems a bit messy - a bit expensive and well - okay - a bit scary (even after a 5 day class with Jane Dunnewold! ) So I don't often get out my paints. That said, this week I got my order from C&T's publishing's warehouse sale. Included was Mikey Lawler's SkyQuilts book. She makes it look so easy and reminded me that - Paint is my friend. So after reading her book - twice - I pulled out the supplies - searched out some nice Kona Cotton pieces and mixed up some sunset colors. Why sunsets? Well, all summer, I've been meaning to play with the some small quilt ideas centered around the Lake Erie and its gorgeous beaches. Now here was my chance! Really, it wasn't too hard either. Basically, you just wet down th...
A Finish & A Challenge - Off the Wall Friday 09/20/2013 05:04:29

Fall 54" by 35" rough edge applique, machine quilted commercial, hand dyed, painted cotton original design For the limited hours I got to sew this week, creative endeavors sure have been on my mind! My creative To-Do List is really growing!! I mean, first I had to finish up my fall piece - then there is Sandy's Open Studio to get ready for - and thennnn - out of the blue - a new challenge popped up! First the Finish - Yes - finally I finished the quilting on Fall. I still have to block and face it, but I'm going back to blocking my quilts pinned to my bedroom carpet. The last two times I did it on my design board they didn't stay flat. Still - I'm moving this one to the Finish column. Secondly , as I was thinking on what I want to do next, it occurred to me that my friend, Sandy's Open Studio is fast approaching. Last year, it was a huge success and it would be nice if I had some nice things to offer. I've had a few ideas for smaller pieces that I would like to see come to fruition and this would be a perfect excuse. Now that said - I gotta find the time! And finally - a surprise challenge! I've been on the wanting to try out one of C&T Creative Troupe challenges and I finally got picked. They are asking us to take a piece of 20" by 36" Evolon Interfacing and create something . Needless to say, I'm going to have to step out of the little cotton box I've built around me! The deadlin...

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