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11/09/2016 14:19:00 PST
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Free Trial Database 12/03/2015 05:06:50

You can have a Free Trial with no commitment.THEN YOU CAN HAVE UNLIMITED ACCESS FOR ONLY £25 One-off Payment for a lifetime subscription, so JOIN NOW Over 150000 people

Forgot about this section 06/22/2015 15:53:02
    I forgot I can add info here. I have over 100 webrings and try to visit at least once or twice a month to keep them up to date. If you have a site that is related to the topic of my rings, please sign up and I will verify asap if it has valid code and is on topic.
post by peterwesternuk 05/15/2013 12:39:49
    Maximilian Genealogy Database now only 25 one off payment for lifetime subscription, Join now or have a free trial then pay the Paypal invoice we send you if you wish to stay a member. There is no commitment at all, so you have nothing to lose but may find something to help with your research.Sign up for a free trial today!

post by peterwesternuk 05/14/2013 17:46:19
    Happy New Year,Like many its been a hard time these past few years. In order to maintain the Maximilian Genealogy Database all these years we have now had to upgrade our servers and make a small increase in the one off fee from 19.95 to 25. This is a once only payment for lifetime use. The rise will take pace on 7th Jan 2013, so if you are reading this before, sign up now to get the old rate. Also if you register for a free trial by 6th Jan you will be offered to pay at the old rate.Maximilian Genealogy Go to maximiliangenealogy dot com and click the link to the database to sign up.

post by peterwesternuk 04/21/2013 18:47:19
    Maximilian Genealogy Online Database 2012
Maximilian Genealogy has been online for over 18 years helping 1000's people research their family trees.The site has grown over the years and has many features including the current automated live database that as 2 trees with over 150000 people in each.The cost to subscribe has remained at 19.95 for several years now and as it is a one off payment for lifetime use, it is certainly value for money, when compared to other similar sites; that charge repeat or time limited fees.You can also get a free trial with no obligation.Why not visit the site today and get registered for a free trial?

post by peterwesternuk 03/31/2013 10:47:49
    This is the ring you need to be in if your site is in the UK

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