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08/10/2016 15:12:27 PST
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Topic WebRing
webring controls appear on my site 05/19/2014 09:24:53
    I went to my homepage today and along the bottom of the screen is the webring toolbar. How do I remove this?
post by pencilart_by_graham 05/05/2013 01:28:19
    I have the webring showing on the homepage of my new site but I still get the message Test Failed. Any advice?

Test Button? 05/05/2013 01:28:04
    Click on My Account - top right and next to the webring you should see Test as an option.

post by pencilart_by_graham 05/04/2013 12:51:34
    I have the webring CLEARLY showing on my website but it says I am suspended. Any chance of a clue?

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