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Cheryl Glover is a professional speaker on Kabbalah, Metaphysics, and spirituality. Cheryl has spoken at churches, spiritual centers, spiritual groups, and conventions for the past ten years. She teaches classes on: New Thought Kabbalah, Kabbalah Introduction, Kabbalah for Healing, Esoteric Kabbalah, Kabbalah Meditation, Reiki Healing, Spirituality and Business, Channeling, and Angel Meditations. Cheryl has taught multiple classes in: Introduction to Kabbalah Healing for Kabbalah New Thought Kabbalah Kabbalah Meditation Reiki 1-3, Master Classes Emissary I and II Channeling Angels Know Your Angels Channeling Psychic Development Learn Healing Modalities Hands on Healing Cheryl's spiritual goal is to bring metaphysical methodologies to people to assist them in finding their higher consciousness, Spirituality and The Light. Cheryl has a MA in Philosophy of Metaphysics. She is a Reiki Master and has studied multiple healing modalities. She also has her BA in Philosophy and Psychology. Cheryl began her career in business, with an MBA and 20 years experience speaking in technology groups before moving into the spiritual community. As an example, Cheryl is a certified cultural change facilitator and has facilitated 3000 people through a change management program. Cheryl’s upcoming book “Creating From The Soul: Unified Dynamic Consciousness: was released in Spring 2005. Cheryl is featured in a  documentary about Snake Hill, New Jersey.


Commited to the environment, Cheryl also manages a Green Business called Green Concepts Products.


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