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07/17/2012 11:33:47 PST
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Faith not Fear friends. One day at a time. Forgive, Forget, change your heart, change your life & change your destiny! ~Debbie:)

About me: In 1976, Dallas Texas, Drycleaning gave me a respectable job. 25 yrs in the business. I know everything about running a drycleaning plant. I began to study online marketing in 2006 with MySpace. I became unemployed in March 2009 & that change challenged me to grow, as a result I look at life with new eyes. I am currently working online. My network's are on face book, twitter, utube, digg and many more. I am student of finance,real estate & advertising.I am a marketer both on & off line. I do volunteer work & give to charities. I am grateful that God changed every pore of my being. He opened up my heart to his love & he FILLED me up. My heart has been totally changed. Today I have a healthy mind & body. I try always try to ask him for guidance & keep clarity in my head so that I can hear the answers. Just get inside yourself & be willing to change & draw on higher power that is inside each & everyone of us. We are not complete without that connection. All good things come to those who think & do good things.The more you change the way you look at things, the more things change. Life's short be happy! ~Much love~ ~Debbie:)
My interests: * Deep-sea fishing * Exploring * Dancing * Travel * Design * Species * Fashion * Clean and Honest Living * Unknown * Cruises * Photography
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