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06/20/2013 13:05:32 PST
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Miami buys another title 07/17/2013 14:37:06

the fact that the rest of Florida doesn't like the heat should say something.

Lebron is good, very good. Maybe a top 30 player all time. It's a heady list. But the Heat are mercenaries in what should be a team sport. Put an asterisk next to this title because the better TEAM lost.

And as for individuals, I'll put magic or jordan a full step ahead of the king.

What's wrong with Tim Lincecum? 07/17/2013 11:24:36

For the second regular season in a row Tim Lincecum is having a mediocre time on the mound. What's wrong with him?
2008 and 2009 he wins the Cy Young
2010 he's lights uot as a starter in the playoffs helping the Giants win the world Series.
2011 he pitches well all season, with minimal run support (Posey out) and could have won the Cy Young again.
2012 He pitches poorly in teh regular season but is again dedaly, but as a reliever this time, in the playoffs.
2013 is looking like 2012. Too many walks and not enough Ks, too many hits, etc. Very average looking.

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