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02/19/2005 16:09:32 PST

Hello, my name is Kelly Smith, and I am president of Angels for Hope. Also the webring owner for The Earth Angels Webring. If you would like to visit my site, it is http://www.angelsforhope.org Also would love new members to join our webring, just click join in the upper left hand corner to join The Earth Angel Webring. If you are a charity, or have charity links on your webpage, you are welcome to join. We encourage anyone that does Charity work to join. All is welcome. Family sites only though, please. Thanks, Kelly Smith Kelly Smith Webring Owner- The Earth Angels Webring President- Angels for Hope In your travels if you know some one that is in need of a caring touch, is sick, dying, has lost someone to death please go to this web site http://www.angelsforhope.org and have an angel sent to them.
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