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12/12/2013 10:07:38 PST
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Starting a small business 11/23/2013 17:16:20
    As I came out of Costco yesterday, I noticed, maybe 200 shopping carts, stacked in rows to my right. Then I looked around to my left and low and behold another 200 or so were sitting over there. There were many still out in the parking lot and perhaps 100 or so inside, being used by the shoppers. How much does does one of those big carts cost? I wondered,if they cost, $ 150.00 each, then you can see a $75,000.00 investment in just shopping carts.
It's these high start up costs that make starting your own business such a formidable task. That's why tying into a business like FGXPRESS is so appealing. Here you have a sharp team, being financed by a much larger company and posed with a brand new high tech device that just needs some ,"boots on the ground," to introduce it to the public. You can learn a lot more about FGXPRESS by visiting their website.
www.7136575.fgxpress.com Take your time and let this powerful concept get into your mind.
Beautiful Scene 10/01/2013 14:17:41

Gibbs Gardens is a Must see in October 10/01/2013 14:01:15

This newly opened garden in the north Georgia Mountains, is a beautiful place to spend a day. Especially, in Oct. when the Japanese garden will be in full bloom. This we are told is the largest Japanese garden in the US.

Starting Young 09/27/2013 10:20:14
    Historically, millions of kids, got early training helping their parents; they called it working for free. We are talking about growing up on the farm and learning that occupation from the ground up. A kid might grow up with a dad who was a mechanic and he learned how to repair cars from the time he was ten. Even if they did not follow in their fathers footsteps, the skills they developed would transfer over to what they ended up doing.
Todays kids, usually don't have that opportunity. How are they to prepare for the future? There is education of course and there is sports to teach discipline but that still leaves a gaping hole in preparing for the real world.
One thing is to get kids to thinking and to asking the right questions early. What can I do to create a job for myself? Who do I know or need to know that can open some doors for me at the right time? What kind of personal presentation of self do I need to give so that I will be accepted and even tutored into an occupation?
I think that you will agree that these questions are not being asked by most young teens. They are questions once asked, will take two to five years to have the answers settle into their physic.
$ 200.00 per month 09/19/2013 11:05:47
    A dad just told me that he is spending $ 200 per month for a cell phone for him, his wife and a daughter. That's not uncommon. Think of the billions being spent worldwide. How to make those smart phones smarter is something all of us should think about. Instead of just chit-chat; what can we say that might shift attitudes, approaches, understandings?
We now have one of the most powerful tools ever placed in the hands of man. All we have to do is learn what messages to send and to whom.
New start up 09/19/2013 10:55:30
    Last week the CDC, out of Atlanta put out a warning about the epidemic of pain relief medicines They say that more than 6000 women per year are dying from prescription overdoses. Most of this high cost and high danger medicine could be replaced by a very safe alternative. Acceptance has been growing fast but there's still time to get in on the ground floor and with less than a $ 45 investment. Visit us at...
End Times an Assumption 09/19/2013 10:44:11
    Why must we assume that the world will end. after being in existence for billions of years?
Yes, I realize that the bible writers thought that the world was not going to last but 2000 years have have proven them wrong.
The Reckoning, by David Halberstam 09/18/2013 07:19:35
    You can never go wrong with a book by David Halberstam. Although the book is about the car industry, it's also about human interaction. It's about, super egos and power plays and winning and losing.
It tells of some very smart men who were really too smart for themselves and who made life very hard for thousands of their fellow workers.
This is a large book and it covers a lot of years. So if you are interested in 20th century history you will find a lot of it in The Reckoning.
Hey Kids 09/17/2013 10:20:04
    Today after school sent dad a text and say: Dad at supper tonight, lets talk about your job. Tell us how much investment and time had to go into your job before you could get paid.
Dad will be blown off his feet and probably won't believe it's his kid; but don't you think it might lead to something?
What are the preachers Saying? 09/15/2013 08:21:33
    It's Sunday again and I always wonder what the preachers are saying in our town. There are about 300 churches around here, representing many understandings and histories. Will these 300 sermons move humanity forward, lock them in place or just take them out of the real world for twenty to thirty minutes?
Even after I listen to my own ministers sermon I usually don't know how to rate it, nor do often know whether to give it a grade of D to A minus. What's your take on the sermons you hear? Don't believe that I have heard an A plus sermon, in recent memory.
Why Not? 09/15/2013 07:14:07
    So far your kids have just been playing games with their IPhones; why not teach them to use them to open doors for the future. They can have a strong influence on politics!
They can have a strong influence on the CEOs of companies.
Children of the past had to work in factories when they were 12, the least the 12 year olds of today should be trained in how to open up doors and a new attitude toward their future.
Be Smart with Smart Phones 09/13/2013 14:33:59
    Kids have adapted to smart phones at an incredible speed.
Now the challenge is to get them to use those phones smartly. It behooves us to teach them how to use this power to communicate in ways that will make their future better. We all know how some are doing dumb things but properly used they have the power to improve their future in their fingertips. Give some thought as to how they can build strength and personal relationships, using the smart phones.
Good Health Starts, With What You Don't Do. 08/11/2013 16:34:36
Don't drink muchDon't smokeDrink sweetened colas sparinglyDon't overeatDo get some exerciseDon't let your mind get polluted Those six things will keep you away, from walk in clinics and hospitals.

A visit to a mental health clinic 08/11/2013 16:34:06
The place looked underfunded, even though it is supported by both the state and by the the local county government. Nevertheless the person I visited said that they had helped him understand himself and he felt that the other patients were being helped as well.Sometimes helping agencies are right under our nose and we just don't see them until something happens. That gives you another take on life.

navigate to this web-site 08/11/2013 16:32:21
    I visited your site and really liked the photo's.

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