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02/23/2014 21:18:46 PST
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THL T100 world's first really eight-core phone officially listed 12/09/2013 21:30:14
    THL Mobile Phone products introduced this year's heavyweight eight-core smartphone THL T100, a few days ago THL T100 is already on sale in THL officially designated site, International Edition is priced at $ 309.99, THL T100 International Edition Specifications and domestic version without too obviously different, only slightly different network standard, international version supports WCDMA / GSM dual card dual standby, while the domestic version of the MIIT certified as TD-SCDMA WCDMA dual-mode mobile phone.
THL T100
Currently THL T100 information is more comprehensive than THL T100 upgraded version of THL W11 II Monkey King, this phone also has a dual- 1300W-pixel high-definition camera equipped, are used SONY stacked CMOS sensor F2.0 aperture 5 P lenses, etc., 5 inches 1080P Full Screen fit Corning gorilla glass three generations. Has MTK MT6592 1.7G high eight nuclear 2 G/32G memory configurations are supported features more comprehensive, NFC Near Field Communication, USB OTG, like many other functions, in addition thickness of about 8 mm machine built 2700 mAh battery capacity, run jelly OS.

In order for you to experience faster than ThL W200 quad-core processing speed, THL T100 equipped with the world's first real lead in the eight-core processor MT6592, it is not only the world's first eight-core processor can run at the same time, is the first global models support H.265 full HD video processor. It is to optimize each core temperature control and power through dynamic workload management technology, delivering up to eight core Cortex-A7 same intelligence operation, the full realization of the perfect balance of performance and power on.

Moreover, THL T100 is equipped with a quad-core mali450 graphics processor, clocked at up to 700MHz, up to twice the overall performance of the Mali-400. And support for ultra high-definition video playback 4Kx2K30fpsH.264, Full-HD1080p display, digital TV MiraVisionTM level image processing technology, the HD video decoding, multi-tasking and multi- application processing window than ThL W8S have a stronger advantage. Processing speed, how fast how fast!

THL T100 innovative use of a large aperture F2.0 lens into the full light than previous generation products increased by 50%, the imaging results can achieve professional-level SLR camera, far better than ordinary lenses, camera cent more how good color. Meanwhile, front and rear cameras are the perfect support for high-definition video recording function 1080PFHD level, can be directly PK ordinary DV machines, or even completely replaced.

On the screen, THL T100 using Corning Gorilla glass panel third generation, and the phone every single piece of glass are enhanced with a secondary reinforcement, high-precision machine- polished glass edges carefully, so that the screen the drop resistance properties superior scratch, how to be more tough tough.

Compared with the current mainstream major brand mobile phones, THL T100 has a faster processing speed, higher handset pixels, clearer, more tough screen and larger battery capacity, strong configuration can compete with international brands on the same stage, look forward to more exciting THL T100 performance of it.
THL W8 with mainstream 5-inch FHD Full HD screen 11/28/2013 01:33:53
    THL smartphone launch quad-core products is just a matter of time, in fact, as early as in the year ago THL phone release new quad-core phone THL W8 Sees 5 inches 1080P screen to THL W8 hardware configuration exposure before the THL phone held W8 configuration conjecture activities, heralded a new machine or have been on the agenda of the quad-core, is about to debut in the near future. Media release real machine spy suspected THL W8, consistent with the official design renderings.

The appearance of the photo of the exposure of the real machine some time ago announced the W8 effect diagram, compared with the 5.7-inch W7, W8, the body is more rounded style closer to Samsung galaxy s3 with an entity like with W7 Home key.

Core configuration, based on the information before exposure, THL W8 or with mainstream 5-inch FHD Full HD screen, quad-core platform, has a 13 million-pixel high-definition camera, will run the Android 4.2 version of the system. As for the possibility of memory specifications and other information is not yet published, the processor platform MTK6589 Quad-Core program or other platforms is still unknown, but the view from THL smart phones in the past equipped platform, W8 adopt MTK6589.

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