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09/29/2014 12:22:34 PST
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post by guest3 07/20/2013 05:09:51
Message found in bottle after 97 years underwater goes on display
Seems like these are turning up every few months.
Feel the tug of adventure and try the online version of Message In a Bottle.

post by guest3 07/20/2013 05:09:21
    Steam Locomotives of a More Leisurely Era 1908 – ‘Pacific’ Great Western Railway The engine as running in 1920. This famous engine, No. 111 ‘The Great Bear’, was the sole representative of its class. It was for many years the ? Continue reading ?

Steam Locomotives of a More Leisurely Era 1908 – ‘Pacific’ Great Western Railway

INFINITY is coming! 07/18/2013 21:37:36
    So pumped for INFINITY this summer!! Any insights? Only Thanos Knows...

post by guest3 07/18/2013 20:32:21
awe-inspiring artist Paul Smith's typewriter art -- must see!
Suffering from severe spastic cerebral palsy from an early age, the awe-inspiring artist Paul Smith displayed extraordinary talent in teaching himself to create typewriter art at an early age. The loss of fine motor control of his face and hands made it impossible for him to attend school ? let alone eat, clothe, or bathe himself

post by guest3 07/18/2013 20:09:36

Robert Reynolds has a dual identity. As Sentry, he is friend and savior to many and one of Earth's most powerful heroes. He is also the Void, a dangerous creature that seeks on destruction. He has worked with Doctor Strange to try to eliminate Void.

Sentry is 6ft tall and weighs 194lbs. His abilities include super strength, super speed, flight and invulnerability. His atoms exist an instant in the future, giving him a hyper-state of consciousness. The full extent of Sentry's powers have yet to be discovered.

Message Board: http://members4.boardhost.com/SiParadise/

post by guest3 06/25/2013 06:50:06
always nature's beauty said, Princess Haiku
Petals Soft and Pink
Leaves of Green complete the Rose
Oh yeah, there are Thorns!

post by guest3 06/24/2013 23:51:21

Celtic or Classical Music to Enliven any Event! Perfect for your Celtic Handfasting, traditional wedding ceremony or other special occasion. Serving the NY metro area, Westchester and the lower Hudson Valley, southwest CT, northern NJ. www.sneddonandsneddon.com - (914) 715-8793

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post by guest3 06/24/2013 23:50:51

Worlds Greatest Dad, Come meet the man. Father,friend,husband,Marine...

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post by guest3 06/24/2013 23:50:06
    Brave Combo - The Official Website
Official Website of the Grammy Award-Winning band, Brave Combo. Check in for the latest news and itinerary updates.

post by guest3 06/24/2013 23:35:06
Rosie sings Pretty Dancing GirlIn the years that I have been working on the Brave Combo film I have shot the shows at West Fest and the Ennis National Polka Fest, and each time there was the wonderful Rosie Steinman. Rosie has passed and I cut together a little montage of her singing Pretty Dancing Girl with the band ,
and here it is

post by guest3 06/24/2013 23:25:21
    Lucid Culture - Jazz, Classical, Music, and Everything in Between
Visit our younger, wilder sister blog, New York Music Daily!This is our ?About? page, where you can scroll down for a brief history and explanation of what we do here. To help you get around this site, here are some links which will take you quickly to our most popular features:Our front page, updated on a daily basisOur exhaustive, constantly updated guide to over 200 New York City music venuesOur most popular music reviews since 2007Our 1000 Best Albums of All Time countdownOur big hit, the 666 Best Songs of All Time pageThis link will take you directly to the most recently updated NYC Live Music Calendar, now a regular monthly feature at New York Music Daily.Our archives since day oneHow to get your music reviewed hereLinks to our favorite blogsOur music index and subcategory indicesOur snarky FAQs and Marginalia pageABOUT LUCID CULTUREApril, 2007 ? Lucid Culture debuts as the online version of a somewhat notorious New York music and politics e-zine, which then ceases publication. After a brief flirtation with blogging about global politics, we begin covering the dark fringes of the New York rock scene that the indie rock blogosphere and the corporate media find too frightening, too smart or too unfashionable. ?Great music that?s not trendy? becomes our mantra. For a glimpse of the early years, here?s asomewhat tongue-in-cheek interview with one of Lucid Culture?s founders.2008-2009 ? world music, jazz and classical become an integral part of coverage here. Our 666 Best Songs of All Time list becomes a hit, as do our year-end lists for best songs, best albums and best New York area concerts.2010 ? Lucid Culture steps up coverage of jazz and classical while rock lingers behind.2011 ? one of Lucid Culture?s founding members creates New York Music Daily, a new blog dedicated primarily to rock music coverage from a transgressive New York point of view, with Lucid Culture continuing to cover music that?s typically more lucid and cultured.2012-13 ? still going strong?thanks for stopping by!

post by guest3 06/24/2013 22:32:21

The Mobile Radio Store provides a range of communication devices and accessories whether you are traveling over the road or the water. People love to communicate with one another and a mobile CB Radio is just another way to talk. A mobile CB Radio or VHS Marine Radio is not only a fun way to talk to others nearby, CB Radio or VHS Marine Radio can be a life saving piece of technology that will work where a cell or smart phone can't.

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post by guest3 06/24/2013 22:30:36

Nicholas is a traditional shaman--one who has undergone the prerequisite, physical death initiations and has shown the ability to call upon the powers and gifts received during the course of those initiations. Included are articles, doctoring (shamanic healing), ceremonials, classes and workshops. An honored man, he dedicates the ways he carries to the welfare of the Earth a

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post by guest3 06/24/2013 22:29:06

This is the homepage for all of RWI's approximately 100 current webrings. It's a lengthy and eclectic bunch of fun rings. You may attempt to join any of our rings by clicking on its own individual link on the homepage.

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post by guest3 06/24/2013 22:28:36
    G3NBU - DJ0JR
Amateur Radio G3NBU

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