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My name is Kevin. My sex is male. My Age is 22. My location is Ecorse, Michigan. My email is gokusandgohans@dbzmail.com My AIM is GokusandGohans. My MSN IMs are GokusandGohans@Dbzmail.com and GokusandGohans@msn.com. My Yahoo IM is GokusandGohans. I have been a fan of DB/Z/GT for 14 years. I have had a DB/Z/GT Website for 8 years. I have a Anime Forum for about 5 days. My DB/Z/GT Website is called Goku's and Gohan's Dragonball/Z/GT Site. A friend and I made it. My website's address is http://gokusandgohans.cjb.net and my forum is http://z6.invisionfree.com/gokusandgohans/index.php?act=idx. Please visit them and tell me what you think. My favorite character is Gohan. My favorite sagas are Buu Saga and Cell Saga. My favorite movies are Movie 9: Bojack and Movie 8,10,11: Brolly. My favorite SSJ forms are SSJ2 and SSJ4. If there is anything else you want to know, just ask me.
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