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01/24/2014 07:40:15 PST
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Some outdoor plays cancelled due to smoke 08/02/2013 18:33:06

A few nights of outdoor plays had ot be cancelled - first time ever for air quality - due to dense smoke from the many lightning sparked wildfires in the area. Weather and forest folks say we'll be seeing heavy smoke off and on until early fall.


Man it's HOT! 07/29/2013 22:22:36

The heat has been searing for weeks now. Too hot for many garden vegetables unless you're really diligent. Nothing worse than loosing your best tomatoes to the heat.

Ashland Shakespeare Festival Off to a great start 07/18/2013 05:44:36

The city is filled with happily paying tourists and locals alike.

Summer is around the corner 07/14/2013 23:49:06

Most plantings in our region had to wait until MOther's day, then of course it got cold and poured rain for two weeks. But, it's all good now. Everything is leafed out and the vegetables are starting to thrive. The first warm ripe tomato straight from the vine is only a month away!

Everything you get from the garden is good, but for me it's the tomatoes that are light years better than you can ever get in even the best local produce shop.

post by gardener 06/17/2013 18:12:51

Curse the dang dear. Where is Robin Hood when we need him? The dear are as thick as thieves in our town. They attack dogs and people. You have to beat them offf with sticks at times.

post by gardener 04/11/2013 21:23:34

Volcano of Fire erupts
volcanic ash spews from the Volcan de Fuego or Volcano of Fire as seen from Palin, south of Guatemala City, Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012. The long-simmering volcano exploded into a series of powerful eruptions Thursday,

post by gardener 04/01/2013 16:18:49

YAY! We got our FIRST ripe tomatoes of the year. Been a slow go of it around here for some reason. But, we're happy now!

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