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About me: The music of Cynthesis is created by musicians who are influenced by progressive, cinematic, Rock and Metal music. Twin brothers, Jasun and Troy Tipton along with Erik Rosvold released two albums with the Progressive-Metal act Zero Hour. Michael Rensen of the premier German magazine Rock Hard proclaimed, "Zero Hour is one of the five Best Progressive Newcomers in the late '90s!" The band's second album "The Towers of Avarice" (Released by The Laser's Edge/Sensory label) won sparkling reviews from nearly every magazine around the World. Such magazines included Hit Parader, Metal Maniacs, Bass Player and Sci Fi (US), Aardschok (Netherlands), Metal Hammer (Hungary), Rock Hard (Germany, France), Heavy Oder Was? (Germany), Scream (Norway), BW&BK (Canada), Hard Rock (France) and in countless webzines and fanzines. The band quickly established a solid fan base around the World. Zero Hour successfully toured Europe and performed twice at Prog Power USA, the largest prog-metal music festival in the World, in Atlanta. In 2003, fans were dissapointed when Zero Hour parted ways with Erik Rosvold. Both "Metamorphosis" and "The Towers of Avarice" were considered progressive-metal classics.
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