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07/01/2013 08:43:24 PST
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post by conspiracydude 07/30/2013 00:19:21
I have information I am trying to make very public that could literally change the world. that is one hell of an arrogant statement to make, and the intention behind it is anything but, yet it literally could. Involving the way we treat what is referred to as "mental illness" (NO SUCH THING). behavior, is the manifestation of brain physiology and the biological interfacing of peptide/hormone synapses. it is an endocrine issue and at the base, lie dormant genes in the DNA, hence, if lacking endogenous opioid peptides, they are in your DNA as you were designed, but due to a non-attachment scenario in utero or infancy, they are not activated, hence why ayuascha ceremonies "cure" what they label "drug addiction" (opiate addiction) in the individual. with the new information and the buried information for the past 50 years, that they have known, yet there is no money in nature. too involved, if u have any questions regarding this subject and homeostasis is mood disorders and "addiction" (I despise that word), feel free to email me at, my face book is laura ann wooldridge, and I will help pass on the info, which is my point. the info. For the past three months, every time I attempt to get all my files and research, years of, and consolidate with a cohesive hail mary pass of a cover letter to people in places that may bring awareness to this, as it has been in impossible working mainstream media, I go into a deep brain fog . just toxic, The first event was a parasite I contracted fron a bite of steak, the steak was fine as we had split it and the other person was fine, so they said a parasite. ok, I was in the hosp. 3 days. then, I am detained for 20 days, by chance by something so impossible (too long), and the past two attempts, this depressed, insecure, self doubting twin has taken over, and I waiver and flail, and this is not like me I live and breathe this cause. I am so certain due to the fact I just KNOW this is what I am to do. My birthday is august29 1965 @2:38 am. my birthnumber is a 22. Every toolo of divine wisdom has been a portal to me for months. there is much to much regarding "suggustions" andsynchronicity, but what I am asking is, is it possible that this is "archon" mind intrusion? I do not know much about the archons, I lean toward all of the ancient mystic theologies, yet have been in science for years, and researching theology was next. if I can make it to next. This is cellular with me, I f u understand what I mean by this, than u know I have no choice but to carry on, despite EVERYONE telling me I have lost my mind, well fuck em;, its mine to loose. I am hoping for a validation that this energy has the ability to do this, I have resonance with that explanation, but who wants to have resonance woth psychosymatic, when I spend my life educating the pact that psychosymatic does not exist in the definition they intend. Thank you anyone who may read this, and reply. I am not able to write a quick sentence these days. I appreciate your kindness. Laura Anne Wooldridge

Question on Astrology Community 07/30/2013 00:19:06
    sounds like a breakthrough
keep at it and don't go nutz in the process

How to Prevent Your Heartburn Symptoms 07/29/2013 05:41:51

that's a heartburn face

post by conspiracydude 07/29/2013 05:40:51

coral reef fish mandala ? 07/29/2013 05:39:21
US fighter jets dumped inert and unarmed bombs on the Great Barrier Reef off Australia's coast during a training exercise that went wrong, it has emerged. The two planes jettisoned four bombs in more than 50m (165 ft) of water, away from coral, to minimise damage to the World Heritage Site, the US navy said. The jets had intended to drop at a bombing range on a nearby island, but Tuesday's mission was aborted.

Organic Gardening at home. We all need to do this people!! 07/27/2013 17:52:21
    Hey! Gardening is illegal. Someone report this guy

Kardashian Hell 07/27/2013 17:52:06

So what if the government is spying - they love us. 07/27/2013 17:49:36

They love us and have our best interests at heart. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a crazy conspiracy theorist.

Oh, if someone claimed a few years back that the government is spying on everyone at this level, they would have been called a "crazy conspiracy theorist"

Twinkies are bacckkk!!! 07/26/2013 16:38:36

New studies: ?Conspiracy theorists? sane; government dupes crazy, hostile 07/26/2013 16:36:36

New studies: ?Conspiracy theorists? sane; government dupes crazy, hostile
so we are not the "crazies" after all.

So to all you sheeple people who believe what you are told, you are the crazies.

Twinkies are bacckkk!!! 07/26/2013 10:06:51

Did someone say twinkies?

General Abdul Fatah Khalil al Sisi announces the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi 07/22/2013 22:31:51
    Meet the new boss.

zack galifianakis 07/22/2013 22:31:21
    That is terrifying. Might not get over it.

post by conspiracydude 07/22/2013 22:30:36
    I bet she complains people are always looking at her chest

Ralph Waldo Emerson 07/22/2013 22:29:51

I add: "but not like this"

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