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Applications for Modern Peptides 01/30/2016 05:16:31
    Modern peptides are generally classified to medical peptide drugs ( peptide antibiotics, vaccines, agricultural antimicrobial peptides, daily cosmetics, etc. ) and food peptides ( soybean peptides, corn polypeptides, yeast polypeptides, sea cucumber peptides, etc. ). From the functional point, current marketing peptides can be divided into antihypertensive peptides, antioxidant peptides, cholesterol peptides, opioid peptides, oligopeptides, and so on.


Applications for Modern Peptides
Why Is the Life of Plants Far Longer Than Animals? 12/07/2015 19:41:25
    Plants are possible to take advantage of this mechanism in a more optimal way. This may explain why many plants can survive for hundreds of years, which is quite rare for the animals concerned. Plants, with a static organizer, depend on the newly generated cells, in terms of growth and development.

Why Is the Life of Plants Far Longer Than Animals?
Modern Biology: Good Or Not ? 09/08/2015 23:12:26
    Nowadays, biology has developed in a diverse directions while combining many relevant fields such as zoology and botany. So sometimes I was wondering whether the modern biology will be continuously beneficial. Will the side effects grow bigger? What do you think of it?

Modern Biology: Good Or Not ?

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