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06/13/2013 15:12:14 PST
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post by cestmoi 08/12/2013 00:05:49

Dark man

post by cestmoi 08/11/2013 22:19:19

post by cestmoi 08/11/2013 19:48:04
The Creative Writing Forum
For those seeking to find another perfect place in which to post their articles, insights, perspectives, videos, audios or whatever else, The Creative Writing Forum is made just for you!
Just register, and start posting, and if you need a special category or forum for your work, I am most happy to oblige.

post by cestmoi 08/11/2013 19:46:04
An image of love 08/09/2013 20:12:36

post by cestmoi 08/09/2013 20:12:06

On Labor Day, Thank You For Your Service 08/07/2013 19:00:51
    Wow, a book chapter practically. ;)

Life, Explained 08/04/2013 20:07:06

post by cestmoi 08/03/2013 06:35:36
Public School Advocate Matt Damon Enrolls Kids in Private School
Surprise surprise!

Sun's magnetic field "is about to flip", warns NASA 08/03/2013 06:34:36

This magnetic anomaly was reported in clearwater a few days ago. Maybe its related?

post by cestmoi 07/29/2013 05:12:51
    hi bunny

IncREDIBLE NEWS!! India formally recognizes dolphins as "non-human persons" 07/29/2013 05:11:36

IncREDIBLE NEWS!! India formally recognizes dolphins as "non-human persons"
To me, this is wonderful

post by cestmoi 07/28/2013 00:57:06
THE LIST Interview
My latest interview ?THE LIST? with news of a comedyalbum coming out soon

Help . . . 07/28/2013 00:51:36
    I asked about that too, would be really useful

YouTube Channel 07/28/2013 00:49:36
    You need to post the url!

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