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Vicky didn't begin her art career until her 30's. For several years she struggled to find her artistic purpose. During an impromptu camping trip, her purpose struck her like lightning. She realized that her two passions, art and animals, made for a natural combination? and her path was set. Since graduating from Ringling College of Art and Design in 2002, she has devoted her spare time to her artwork and to the advancement of the animal art genre by founding The League of Animal Artists, which hosts the Animal Artists Webring ring at WebRing.

Vicky works mainly in acrylic washes on illustration board. Her detailed brushstrokes imbue life and character into the animals in her paintings. Her many layers of colored washes enhance the quality of realism in her paintings. As with most animal artists, she believes the eyes are the windows to the animal's soul. She brings out the character of each animal with loving detail by capturing the animal's facial expressions and mannerisms, paying special attention to the realistic representation of the animal's eyes.

Working from photographs, Vicky's detailed paintings demonstrate her true passion for the animals she portrays. She has a special interest in big cats of the world and endangered species. Her Senior Thesis was a series of endangered wildlife paintings based on Siberian Tigers and Lowland Gorillas. Vicky has worked with wildlife sanctuaries to promote animal preservation and conservation efforts. She hopes that her paintings will instill passion in hearts of her audience and create awareness to the plight of the endangered species of the world.

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