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Writers Without Readers

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Manager: wr__tj
This webring was created to link writers who need someone to read their work. The hardest part of writing is dealing with the fear that no one will be reading it. ~mkgilbert, author of the largely-unread novels, Thistle (&) Grimal's Spellbook.

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   written gardens Preview Go
if I could describe it, I might not need to write it every day... to me it's creativity, therapy, sanctuary, communication, and a wave hello to you and the universe.... what's it to you?
   Curious Jorjie Article Ideas and Resources Preview Go
Ideas and resources for online article writers. Looking up reliable research links so you don't have to! Bookmark and come back often. Leave your article links for me to view!
   Just Rattling On Preview Go
A online Journal I do monthly I talk about what is happening in life and the world click on my link have fun

   Sphagnum's Insanity Preview Go
My poetry, Theories, Quotes, Different religious information,Friends poetry also, I'll Post anyones poem if they want
   Tales From the Still-Beating Heart Preview Go
"Tales From the Still-Beating Heart" is an annual Halloween Horror zine. Run personally by Dave Kraybill and Brad Beard, the online studio includes stories from the issues and easy to use writing workshops. We have just added and interactive story, so stop by and add a paragraph or two.
   Iggo's Planet Preview Go
Original poetry, fiction, drama, essays, and a novel in progress by Gwyneth Posno.
   Melpomene Writes Preview Go
...and writes, and writes. Within the site, you will find short stories, a few poems, novellas... some pieces are complete, others are works in progress. Genres cover everything from drama to sci-fi to children's lit.
   Warriors Within Preview Go
In a time when dragons soared and brownies dance to wicked tunes of the witch’s chant there were stories of a journey. A journey through time itself and a battle fought over a greater power. A story that should never have been written...about a journey that should never have happened.
   Dream Quest One Poetry and Writing Contest Preview Go
Poetry and writing contest open to anyone who loves to arrange words into the beautiful literary art of poetry or write a short story that is worth telling everyone. Write a poem 30 lines or fewer on any subject or write a short story, five pages maximum, on any theme, single or double line spacing, for a chance to win cash prizes. All works must be original.
   Dance with Your Heart! Christian Inspirational Books Preview Go
Be empowered, inspired, and motivated by miracle survivor Dr. Shirley Cheng, a blind and physically disabled award-winning author with 27 book awards, Bible teacher, founder of Ministry, motivational speaker, poet, and author/contributor/editor of 35 books by age 27.

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