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VTES Webring

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Sites relating to Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Card Game from Wizards of the Coast and White Wolf Game Studios.

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   Jyhad On Line Preview Go
Web/Email-based VTES gameplay.
   The Ritual Mask of Death and Decay Preview Go
The web home of The Official VEKN Harbingers of Skulls Newsletter.
   Xian's Jyhad site & Freak Deck Archive Preview Go
Strategy, Tremere Clan Newsletters, links, and best of all, the most outlandish decks around!

   The Decks of Frederick Scott Preview Go
Decks and light strategy writings. Some might actually call it, "Decks and light-headed strategy writings." Well, you get what pay for...
   Perth VtES Pages Preview Go
Vampire: the Eternal Struggle Page for Perth, Western Australia. Aimed at informing locals about events such as demos and tornaments and keeping people up to date with local happenings.
   SetitesUK and the Cambridge Corrupter Preview Go
A site about the games I like to play, featuring Vampire: The Eternal Struggle mostly, as I am Setite Ruler of Cambridge, VEKN Prince of the City.
   Camarilla Kosice Preview Go
Web page of Camarilla Kosice Club dedicated to V:TES.
   Domain of Evernight Preview Go
A VTES site about a small comunity of players, located in Brazil, Maceió - AL. We have informations in portuguese about the game, and got some pictures of our players, and a small humor (portuguese too) section.
   Necromancing the Bones Preview Go
All you (don't) want to know about the Necromancy discipline in VTES and the guys who use it : crypt cards,library cards, decks, tips, strategy etc. Necro Power!!!
   RavATwoFaces VTES Site Preview Go
ThiS Is ThE Mad SiTe Of ThE ItALiAn NC aNd BiShoP of ToriNO. It ConTain: nEw Vamps, CarDs and The LoCal rAnKinG (aNnUal anD LeAgUe). BesT DeRanGe To You All...

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