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This ring promotes sites, for the sole purpose of sharing pc games.


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   Rage across Oklahoma Preview Go
This site has info on my werewolf game set in sulphur oklahoma and info on werewolf tribes also i have all the 2ed tribe sheets in PDF format and the werewolf font come check out oklahoma on the dark side

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   Sept of the Raven's Wing Preview Go
Note: still under construction,,,due to new information given by players for players on the werewolf kin....the Ghural, Nuwisha, Bastet, and the Corax. Plus stories based on actual games set in the Septs home turf of Windsor Ontario.
   The Black Spiral Preview Go
My house rules for making a Black Spiral Dancer Player Character, plus other assorted crap.

   Dragon Scales Wonderful World Preview Go
Mage's, Vampire's and Werewolve's oh my. All kinds of things dealing with all aspects of their lives.

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