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Feminists, grrls, activistas and anyone (female/male) who believes in equality. Feminism IS the belief in equality. If you think it is female supremacy, you are dead wrong. Feminism is about equality of life and lifestyle, regardless of race, age or social class. It is not just for upper-class white women. It is for everyone who is being oppressed due to sex and gender.

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   Ms Magazine Review Preview Go
A review of Ms Magazine from 1972 when the magazine first appeared.
   Why Women's Liberation? Preview Go
& What is Women's Liberation?
   Psychology Constructs the Female Preview Go
Naomi Weisstein rocked the psychology establishment when this article was first presented as a paper in 1968. It was widely distributed in the women's liberation movement.

   Power, Resistance, and Science Preview Go
A Call for a Revitalized Feminist Psychology
   Different Views of Women's Liberation Preview Go
An Interview with Brenda Eichelberger - Circa 1975, plus a look at women voting.
   Socialist Feminism Preview Go
A Strategy for the Women's Movement
   A Pioneer of Socialist Feminism Preview Go
Sylvia Pankhurst: Sexual Politics and Political Activism
   What is Socialist Feminism? Preview Go
What is socialist feminism? More pointedly, does socialist feminism really exist?
Socialist feminism is a young feminist movement, born in the 1970's. But despite the three hundred-year age difference, socialist feminism retains many of the same goals as the first feminist movements.
   Feminism vs. the Evil Lessers Preview Go
Politics in the Clinton era.

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