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The MAME Cabinet Web Ring

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A collection of sites purely concerned with the construction of 'MAME Boxes' (PCs housed in arcade-style cabinets running arcade emulation software such as MAME).

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   Black 'n Blue MAME Cabinet Preview Go
This is my Black 'n Blue MAME cabinet. It describes how converted it from a junker coin-op game to a MAME cabinet and MP3 jukebox.
   Merl's Mame Arcade Machine Preview Go
A home built arcade cabinet complete with instructions and photos.
   Commando Mame Project Preview Go
I built my own MAME cabinet and wanted to share it with others.

   Jeff's Ultimate MAME Cabinet Project Preview Go
Detailed plans, pictures and proceedure used to build a MAME Cabinet from scratch.
   Dragons Lair Mame Cabinet Preview Go
Details of converting a Dragons Lair cabinet into a MAME machine
   The Mame Arcade Preview Go
This is my second try at building an arcade. I received a used stand up from a friend and started to work on making it a mame Arcade cabinet.
   DKappey MAME Arcade Cabinet Preview Go
Steel Arcade cabinet with its original 25 inch NTSC rotating monitor. 2 joysticks with 6 buttons each, spinner, coin door and stereo speakers. Running MAME with ArcadeOS.
   Brandorf's MAME Cocktail Machine! Preview Go
My custom-built mame cocktail running K6-optimized DOS mame with ArcadeOS. Styled in a Galaga Theme.
   Tim's Mame cabs Preview Go
This site describes several of the mame and arcade related projects that I have completed.
   Byron Wheeler's Total Recall Arcade Project Preview Go
My first arcade cabinet. Because I loved the classic arcade games so much and virtually grew up in an arcade when I was younger, I thought I'd have my own arcade in one box.

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