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paw-Birds - Aviculturists are bird keepers. Pets Around the World-Birds links websites featuring the various species commonly kept i

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Aviculturists are bird keepers. Pets Around the World-Birds links websites featuring the various species commonly kept in captivity as pets. They share pictures, stories, blogs, food requirements, housing needs, health issues, toy needs, daily activities, life history, and other appropriate topics. If you are interested in learning if a particular bird  species would make a good pet for your family, browse this subring of Pets Around the World as your starting point.

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   Site #384 Preview Go
   Flip the Bird Aviary Preview Go
we sell hand-tame peachfaced, masked, and fischer's lovebirds, and quaker parrots
   Hello, Baby! Great Parrot Photos & More!! Preview Go
We have wonderful photos of our Moluccan Cockatoo, Greenwing Macaw and other neat birds. We have lots of parrot care links and information for people who want to learn more about these magnificent creatures!

   My Senegal & Africian Grey Parrots Preview Go
Photos of my Africian Grey Parrot named Charolotte and our Senegal named Puka. Drop by today to learn a bit about talking birds. They are so much fun!
   Site #307 Preview Go
   The OC blog - The Our Cockatiels Blog Preview Go
A little advice and lots of photos of our cockatiels.
   Sunny's Page Preview Go
My name is Sunrise and I am a male gray pied pearl cockatiel. I have written this page about me and another about the two budgies who also live here, Chilly and Con Queso. Jade, the Quaker wrote his own page
   Bird Pictures Preview Go
Bird Pictures blog is dedicated to photos of adorable birds from the people who love them! Would you like to make your precious bird famous...then submit his/her picture(s).
   The Practical Canary Handbook Preview Go
Website for The Practical Canary Handbook - Breeding and Keeping Canaries. Book offers useful advice for anyone from the novice pet owner through the experienced breeder of canaries.
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Simply everything for exotic birds. We are your complete source for Parrot Food, Supplies, Treats, Bird & Parrot Cages, Aviaries, Toys, Toy Parts, Lixit Bottles, Booda Comfy Perches, Manzanita Perches & Stands, Parrot Toy Making Supplies, like Rope, Bells & Hardware. HQ Cages, Prevue Hendryx Cages, Travel Cages and over 200 easy-to-find-styles. Specializing in Accessories to House, Feed, Clean-up-after and Maintainyour Parakeet,Cockatiel, Conure, African Grey, Cockatoo or Macaw.Stuff for hundreds of other parrots and soft bill species. Books, DVD'S, CD'Sand lots of in depth parrot information.

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