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paw-Dogs - Untitled document Dogs are wonderful pets. They also serve other purposes. Pets Around the World-Dogs†links†websites fea

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Untitled document Dogs are wonderful pets. They also serve other purposes. Pets Around the World-Dogs†links†websites featuring all species of dogs. You'll find†pictures, stories, blogs, food requirements, housing needs, health issues, toy needs, daily activities, life history, and other information on specific breeds.† If you are interested in learning if a particular†dog breed would make a good pet for your†family, browse this webring first.

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   Dog breeding....day one, the birth! Preview Go
follow the litter day by day
   Desert Willow Aussies Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Desert Willow Aussies is an established kennel that has strived to keep this wonderful breed to it's original design with emphasis on disposition/health and beauty. Hall of Fame and Championship ancestry in our time proven bloodlines produce incredible well-bred family companions that excell in the show ring and working fields as well.
   South East Saint Bernards Preview Go
This site is about us and our Saint Bernards. With photo's and breed information

   The Puppourri - with Xator the GSDoG as your host! Preview Go
Lab & GSD breed profiles, tips on getting a puppy, the BARF diet, e-cards, graphics, n' more! Includes Xator's personal journal & scrapbook. Home of the 'HTML Savvy BIG Dogs' webring.
   Ron's Miniature Schnauzer Page! Preview Go
This site originates in Katy, Texas and contains basic information about Miniature Schnauzers and Schnauzers in general. Also included on this site are up-to-date links and information on Schnauzer discussion groups.
   My Sweet Milu' Preview Go
Home page dedicated to my sweet beagle Milý
   Mocha, my Beagle Preview Go
My beagles own webpage. She designed it herself!
   Laddie's World Preview Go
Want to know more about rough collies? Than check my place out! Laddie's World is an informational site with tons of helpful tips that can be used for any kind of dog. Includes sections on positive training, grooming, health concerns and tons more!
   Max's Virtual Doghouse Preview Go
Mommy gave me this little section of her webpage to envision and create, so please come on by and see some cool pictures of me (everyone's favorite Jack Russell Terrier), some neat stuff, and some links to other JRT sites!
   Zachary the Blooming Butterfly. Preview Go
You're Invited! See my photo's on ear carriage, arrival, unique moments, play time and early weeks of struggle. I also have a fun food for thought page-including Papillon collectables and cute clothing!!

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