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Pets Ring - This ring is devoted to our animal companions, kept in our homes. If you keep a cat, a dog, a bird, a horse, a rat, a fi

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Pets Ring

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Manager: noriko
This ring is devoted to our animal companions, kept in our homes.
If you keep a cat, a dog, a bird, a horse, a rat, a fish, a lizard, a spider, or any other land or sea animal as a pet, then this ring is for you!



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   Unique Canaries Preview Go
All about Canaries and More! Pictures, Links and Info.
   Ant Farm Preview Go
Ant farms and other ant items for sale. Watch ants build amazing 3-D tunnels in super cool nutrient rich gel; all food and moisture is self-contained, no food or water needed
   Sugar Glider Life and Times Preview Go
A fun and informative site about sugar gliders includes pictures, feeding advice, stories, a sound file and a sense of humor.

   Fantasy Corral Preview Go
Raising gentle, bottle-raised wallaby, reindeer, camels, zebras. Also chinchilla rabbits, miniature horses and watusi cattle.
   clarity conchological Preview Go
A site dedicated to keeping Giant African Land Snails and other Land Snails as pets, including information on breeding, housing, care, biology, links, etc.
   Furry Friends Exotic Pets Preview Go
Exotic Hobbyist in Nova Scotia, Canada. Breeding a variety of exotic pets including Sugar Gliders, Prairie Dogs, Degus, African Dormice, and Guinea Pigs.
   Dog breeding....day one, the birth! Preview Go
follow the litter day by day
   Betta Bay Preview Go
Betta fish
   Max's Virtual Doghouse Preview Go
Mommy gave me this little section of her webpage to envision and create, so please come on by and see some cool pictures of me (everyone's favorite Jack Russell Terrier), some neat stuff, and some links to other JRT sites!
   Animals in Distress Preview 1 review(s) — Go
An animal rescue charity with two sanctuaries in the northwest of England, dedicated to the well being, shelter and re-homing of all kinds of animals, in distress or lost. We have a 'Pet Memorial' section and offer three awards.

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